Bree Sharp vs. The La’s


“There She Goes” (The La’s, 1990)

“America” (Bree Sharp, 1999)

This is one of the few discoveries that really made me angry — because it’s such a shameless ripoff, because the original is such a great song, and I suppose partly because Lee Mavers (of the La’s) is the kind of Brian Wilson-esque troubled genius of whom music fans naturally feel a little protective. At the time Bree Sharp wrote her song, he had been holed up at home in Liverpool for almost a decade, unable to record, emerging only for the occasional borderline-schizophrenic interview. How did she conclude that this poor guy’s one hit was somehow fair game?

Ironically, of the many covers of “There She Goes,” the most successful one, by Sixpence None the Richer, appeared right before this Bree Sharp album came out in 1999. Sharp is better known for the clever novelty song “David Duchovny,” which appeared on the same album.


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