Beck vs. Serge Gainsbourg


“Paper Tiger” (Beck, 2001)

“Melody” (Serge Gainsbourg, 1971)

(suggested by Josh)

Josh writes: “More than half of the short running time of Serge’s ‘l’histoire de Melody Nelson’ is dedicated to this one groove, and I almost wish more of it was. This one is so close, it’s surprising Beck gave no credit for interpolation, but alas, he didn’t.” He’s right — these songs are so close throughout that it was hard to decide which pieces to excerpt.


One Response to “Beck vs. Serge Gainsbourg”

  1. 1 Shaunman

    Beck must have been holmies with Serge’s (grand)son/(grand)daughter and got permission to do a throwback. It is the only way I can see this being okay…

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