Dolly Parton vs. Roger Miller


“Me and Bobby McGee” (Roger Miller, 1969)

“To Daddy” (Dolly Parton, 1976)

(suggested by Tina)

Maybe that should really say “Dolly Parton vs. Kris Kristofferson,” since he wrote the song. But as I just learned, Roger “King of the Road” Miller was actually the first to record “Bobby McGee.” I had always figured Kristofferson himself recorded it before Janis (he did, barely) but it turns out that Miller beat them both.

As for “To Daddy,” I think Emmylou Harris released it first, but I like Dolly’s own version a little better, so I went with that. She actually recorded “Bobby McGee” in 2005, with Kristofferson singing backup. He doesn’t sound too mad.


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