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“I Was a Fool” (Tegan & Sara, 2013) “Listen to Your Heart” (Roxette, 1988) (suggested by Josh) If it was just the intro I’d call this a quote, but there are similarities throughout the song. It sounds like a combination of “Listen to Your Heart” with some other ’80s song I can’t quite put my […]

“Suit & Tie” (Justin Timberlake, 2013) “Crazy Games” (Mary J. Blige, 1991) (suggested by Spencer) As Spencer says: ‘The hook for Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie” is just the hook from Mary J. Blige’s “Crazy Games,” only slightly sped up and with one or two notes different at the end of each line. The first […]

“No One Does It Like You” (Department of Eagles, 2008) “You Baby” (The Ronettes, 1964) (suggested by Sean) Sean writes: ‘Just realized when delving into some old music, “You Baby” by the Ronettes has a backbeat that is uncannily borrowed by Department of Eagles “No One Does It Like You.”‘ I struggled a bit with […]

“Modern Man” (Arcade Fire, 2010) “Jessie’s Girl” (Rick Springfield, 1981) (suggested by Sean) One of the more well-known targets I’ve seen so far. As Sean said in his email: “Of all the songs to rip off?!” Indeed, it’s hard to think of a more familiar guitar part, although they didn’t take the break or the […]

“Joanna” (Kool & the Gang, 1983) “Last Christmas” (Wham!, 1984) Suggested by Tom (email) This one’s interesting, because Wham! (but not K&TG) were actually sued by the writers of Barry Manilow’s “Can’t Smile Without You.” It sounds more like “Joanna” to me, but they’re all pretty similar. You be the judge: “Can’t Smile Without You” […]

“Me and Bobby McGee” (Roger Miller, 1969) “To Daddy” (Dolly Parton, 1976) (suggested by Tina) Maybe that should really say “Dolly Parton vs. Kris Kristofferson,” since he wrote the song. But as I just learned, Roger “King of the Road” Miller was actually the first to record “Bobby McGee.” I had always figured Kristofferson himself […]

“Paper Tiger” (Beck, 2001) “Melody” (Serge Gainsbourg, 1971) (suggested by Josh) Josh writes: “More than half of the short running time of Serge’s ‘l’histoire de Melody Nelson’ is dedicated to this one groove, and I almost wish more of it was.┬áThis one is so close, it’s surprising Beck gave no credit for interpolation, but alas, […]